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Free Silicon Conference 2022
Fsic2022 logo.png
GenreFree software and free hardware development conference
Location(s)Paris, Sorbonne Université

The 2022 Free Silicon Conference (FSiC) took place in Paris (Sorbonne) on July 7,8,9 2022 (Thursday to Saturday). This event was built on top of the 2019 edition. The conference brought together experts and enthusiasts who want to build a complete Free and Open Source CAD ecosystem for designing analog and digital integrated circuits. The conference covered the full spectrum of the design process, from system architecture, to layout and verification. The conference consisted of three full days, including a Saturday for facilitating those who are involved as non-professionals. After the daily talks, the discussion continued at the nearby botanical garden "Jardin des plantes", at the ancient roman theater "Arènes de Lutèce" or (depending on the weather) in the on-campus facilities.

The video recordings are available on peertube.

Objectives and motto

The goal of FSiC is to make the technology accessible to small businesses, startups, universities and schools. Students, makers and professional should have direct access to education, without barriers, paywalls and legal burdens.

What's the value of multi-billion public investments if there aren't designers, engineers and other experts who can operate the industry and who master the tools to innovate?

We all took apart watches and radios when we were kids, hence we learned how they work. It is time to look inside chips and their tool-chains so that we can study, improve and trust them.

The conference motto is therefore: Education, dissemination and innovation by openness and collaboration!


The conference is over! We are now collecting and publishing the missing material. The video recordings are being edited and will be updated on Peertube in the coming days.

From April 15 we continue with direct invitations and we work to consolidate the program.

Until April 15 we are calling for talks. During this period the conference program will still be fluid: new sessions may appear and new topics may be added. For example, we are considering adding a session about public funding opportunities and one about FOS business models. If you want to propose a talk please contact us by writing at fsic2022 'at' f-si.org.

During the month of February we run the "search and discovery" phase: We asked our network (through email and mastodon) to propagate the FSiC announcement and to suggest us new potentials speakers/attendees. We were suggested ten new names. Thanks for the contributions!

Abstract submission

For submitting an abstract or a title, or just for proposing informally a talk, contact us per email at fsic2022 'at' f-si.org. Do not hesitate!


Participation to the conference is free of charge but the attendance must be reserved per email at fsic2022 'at' f-si.org. Details will be announced on this page and over the mastodon channel.

Organizing committee

Fsic2022 mml.png
Marie-Minerve Louerat
Scientist and Teacher
‟I have a passion for educating and teaching students, to give them tools for life and learning.”
Fsic2022 la.png
Luca Alloatti
Libre Hardware Promoter
‟Technology is political. I stand for defending free access to technology and the right for transparency.”
Fsic2022 tk.png
Thomas Kramer
Skeptical Technology Enthusiast
‟I like to understand technology, to adapt and enhance it. Technology should not be mythical or owned by experts only, it needs to be comprehensible.”
Fsic2022 mk.png
Matthias Köfferlein
‟I am passionate about helping people with my technical skills. Coding EDA is like gardening to me: may it grow and feed people.”

Conference program

July 7, Thursday (Day 1)

  • 9:00-9:30, Registration and coffee


  • 9:30-9:45, Welcome from the LIP6
  • 9:45-9:55, Welcome from the Free Silicon Foundation

Keynote speech

High-level design

Hardware security

On-going FOS silicon projects

Evening program

  • 18:00-20:00, Gathering at the Jardin des plantes

July 8, Friday (Day 2)

  • 8:30-9:30, Early bird coffee and tea

Keynote speech

Foundries and PDKs

Schematic editors




Mixed-signal/analog design

Evening program

July 9, Saturday (Day 3)

  • 8:30-9:30, Early bird coffee and tea

Back-end flow: placement, routing, timing closure


Funding opportunities

Paving the road for open source flow: gaps, challenges, opportunities

  • 13:45-15:30, open discussion
  • 15:30-16:00, conclusions

Practical information

Coffees are kindly offered by Sorbonne Université, LIP6, IRILL and CNRS. Lunches are self organized by the attendees.


We are looking for sponsors to cover the conference costs. In case of interest, please write at fsic2022 'at' f-si.org. Bank coordinates are available here.


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Academic Sponsors

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