Inclusive Modeling with SysMD

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  • Speaker(s): Christoph Grimm
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SysMD/AGILA is a framework for high-level modeling of requirements and specifications. Its main advantages and features are

  • Integration of explaining documentation with models
    • Documentation can be any Markdown (MD) document
    • Textual models can be attached documentation
    • Textual models can be SysMD and/or a subset of SysMLv2
  • Interoperability with SysMLv2 targeted
    • by using the meta-model of SysMLv2/KerML
    • via support for the SysMLv2 REST API
  • Analysis of the consistency and feasibility
    • propagation of constraints on integers and real values
    • support for quantities with physical units in the SI system and many national and other units
    • check of satisfiability of Boolean expressions
    • support for non-linear and mixed discrete/continuous expressions
  • Client/Server architecture
    • Server supports version tracking


General information

Wiki page on

  • The software has been used in the following projects: GENIAL!, Arrowhead Tools, AnastASICA.


  • The software wishes to interface with the following tools: SysMLv2 API, KerMLv2 metamodel
  • The project seeks help on: UI improvement, issues reporting, bug hunting
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