Whom do you trust?: Validating process parameters for open-source tools

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  • Speaker: R. Timothy Edwards
  • email: tim@opencircuitdesign.com or tim@efabless.com



Foundries often provide important process data in formats that are proprietary, often not human-readable, and restricted in use to specific commercial EDA tools. As a "case study", I will discuss the long journey of obtaining trusted values for parasitic capacitance in the SkyWater sky130 open PDK. I will review how I obtained vendor data, cross-checked against an open-source field equation solver and other sources, and updated the parasitic extraction methods in the Magic VLSI layout tool to incorporate a number of effects that were previously not accounted for, and how Magic's extracted output can be used to generate data for other open-source EDA tools such as OpenROAD.


General information


  • The project seeks help on: Curve fitting of vendor data to automatically generate coefficients for magic's analytic expressions of parasitic capacitance.