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Free Silicon Conference 2019
Fsic2019 logo.svg
GenreFree software and free hardware development conference
Location(s)Paris, Sorbonne Université

The second Free Silicon Conference (FSiC) took place at Sorbonne Université (Paris) on March 14-16 2019. The conference brought together experts and enthusiasts who want to build a complete Free and Open Source CAD ecosystem for designing analog and digital integrated circuits. The conference covered the full spectrum of the design process, from system architecture, to layout and verification. The conference consisted of three full days, including a Saturday for facilitating those who are involved as non-professionals. After the daily talks, the discussion continued until late in an informal and relaxed atmosphere at the on-campus caves Esclangon.

All video recordings are available on peertube.

Video recordings, slides and documentation

All the talks have been recorded and can be watched on peertube. Extra documentation and the slides of most talks can be found by clicking on the respective titles in the program below.


Attendance to the conference was free of charge. Lunches, dinners and drinks were offered by Sorbonne Université, LIP6 laboratory. However, due to the limited number of spaces available, seats had to be reserved before February *21* by writing at fsic2019 'at' f-si.org.

The submission window closed on January 31 2019.

Organizing committee

  • Marie-Minerve Louërat, LIP6, CNRS
  • Roselyne Chotin, LIP6, Sorbonne Université
  • Jean-Paul Chaput, LIP6, Sorbonne Université
  • Luca Alloatti, ETH-Zurich
  • Matthias Koefferlein, KLayout project
  • Sean Cross, Kosagi
  • Thomas Kramer, ETH-Zurich

Conference program

March 14, Thursday (Day 1)


  • 9:00-9:30, Registration and coffee


Introduction and motivation for Free and Open Source (FOS) silicon

High-level digital design (session I)

Mixed-signal/analog design and transistor modelling

Evening program "beer & baguette" on-campus

  • 19:00-22:00: drinks are served
  • 19:30: dinner is served
  • 21:00: end of the day

March 15, Friday (Day 2)

Morning Coffee

  • 8:30-9:00, Early bird coffee and tea

Impact of FOS hardware

Foundries, PDKs and cell libraries

Back-end flow and algorithms

Evening program "beer & baguette" at the on-campus Tour Zamansky, 24th floor (room with a view)

  • 18:30-21:00: drinks are served
  • 19:30: dinner is served
  • 21:00: end of the day

March 16, Saturday (Day 3)

Morning Coffee

  • 8:30-9:00, Early bird coffee and tea


High-level digital design (session II)

Analog back-end design

Back-end design

Practical information

Supporting entities

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