Lesson learned from Retro-uC and the search for the ideal EDA flow for open source silicon

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  • Speaker: Staf Verhaegen



Chips4Makers is a project to try to make it possible for mere mortals to design and produce their own chips. As a demonstration project a crowdfunding campaign for the Retro-uC was launched. This campaign did not reach its target goals and the lesson learned will be presented. Fortunately due to interest of people who want open source silicon to succeed the project is not dead. The future of Retro-uC and Chips4Makers project will be presented in this talk.

An important aspect to make open source silicon possible for makers is a tool chain that can be used by non-experts. The second part of the talk will then discuss some of the gaps identified. Purpose is to get feedback form the audience to see how to best move forward to reach the goal for open source silicon and identify cooperation possibilities.