SystemC AMS and upcoming free frameworks for the free design

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  • Speaker: Christoph Grimm, TU Kaiserslautern
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The development of HW/SW/AMS systems demands for very powerful means for verification. The particular challenge is to bring circuit level effects to the system level, and to show that the non-idealities have no relevant impact on the system performances.

Indeed, this challenge can be mastered perfectly with free tools:

  • SystemC, a free discrete event simulator for hardware/software systems.
  • SystemC AMS, an extension that introduces various models of computation, including timed data-flow.
  • AADDlib and AADDsim that provide means for symbolic simulation to SystemC and SystemC AMS.

Together with circuit level tools, e.g. gnucap or ngspice, these tools cover design of signal processing and analog/mixed-signal systems.

The presentation will show how to use SystemC (AMS, TLM) in a hierarchical design and verification flow. The flow links circuit level simulation and system level simulation via the characterization of properties. For characterization, we use Affine Forms of AADDlib that represent nominal value, dependencies, and guarantee safe inclusions. The properties are then used at a system level simulation with SystemC AMS. The hierarchical verification flow is supported by the AADDlib that allows the symbolic simulation of SystemC and SystemC AMS.



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