Toward a collaborative environment for Open Hardware Design

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  • Speaker(s): Guillaume Delbergue
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Hardware, System Modelling, Virtual Platform or Virtual Prototype, ... all these elements can be made open source through a libre ESL tool suite. Currently, software communities are growing social impacts and business opportunities leveraging collaborative solutions. That's why we aim to promote ESL technology transfer by initiating a new open hardware community, including research and ESL enthusiasts. However, we are facing several problems. There are many standards, many tools, many communities. How to manage trust in models vs. actual physical implementation ? How to bring the expertise required from the scarce number of contributors capable to assemble and operate virtual platforms? How to ensure interoperability between different models? How to find models of the right level of abstraction? To solve these issues, we believe that interoperability between models is the key for building a full open solution environment for open hardware design. During this presentation, we will present the elements that led us to create our tool. A demonstration of our solution will be given and we hope to have rich exchange with the audience to build together a tool capable of building bridges between communities and available solutions.


General information


  • The software wishes to interface with the following tools: TBA
  • The project seeks help on: Open Hardware Community