KLayout's deep verification base project

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  • Speaker: Matthias Köfferlein
  • Email: matthias@koefferlein.de
  • Other information: KLayout project (www.klayout.org)



Being a quick, powerful viewer and lightweight editor for mask layout files, KLayout's strengths were long found in the area of visualisation and often editing of huge quantities of polygon shapes taken from GDS, OASIS and a variety of other layout file formats.

With the DRC module and it's Ruby and Python-enabled database API, KLayout long ago made a first step towards layout analysis and large scale layout manipulation. With the Deep Verification Base project I want to continue this development branch and lay the basis for in-depth analysis features - looking below the surface of a flat, mask-like layout view. Hierarchy comprehension and network analysis are the main focus topics for this project, the final vision being rich LVS verification capabilities.

In this talk I will highlight the ideas, the methods involved and the goals of the project which will lay the basis for this feature.


General information