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CMP Add-On Services

CMP Add-On Services (AOS) is a showcase collection of services provided by companies, Universities or Research Labs. These services come as a complement to the ones provided by CMP.
AOS appear presently in 7 categories : Software, Design Services, IPs, Specific Packaging, System Level, IC Inspection and Repair, and Test.
The goal is to make visible such services to the CMP user’s community for the benefit of the user who may have needs that are not available directly from CMP.
The application to the CMP Add-On Services could be done by any provider who has services and solutions to offer. The application is free of charge.
The user can access free of charge to the CMP Add-On Services and browse the different categories, then view the different dedicated pages for each provider.
A one page description is available on-line giving the relevant information, and especially the direct contact to the provider.

Towards Foundry PDKs on Free CAD Tools

At CMP we have done some work evaluating PDK (Process Design-Kit) implementations in some of the Free CAD tools.
We have promising results showing a possible use of these PDKs for full-custom designing on foundry’s processes.
The selected Free CAD tool is Glade Layout, available for free from
This tools have full-custom design capability offering a large part of the full-custom design-flow : Schematic Entry with Spice netlist generation, schematic driven layout, layout edition, DRC, LVS, parasitics extraction, and tape-out GDSII generation.
The missing functionality inside the flow is the Spice simulation. This could easily solved by interfacing some of the freeware Spice simulators, like Spice3f5, or SpiceOpus.
The development of foundry’s PDKs is ongoing at CMP, with a first prototype.
Discussions are ongoing with some Foundry’s partners to make available the PDKs to CMP users.
The planned PDKs are for 0.35um, 0.18um and 130nm CMOS.

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CMP Add-On Services