Software-Defined Hardware: Digital Design in the 21st Century with Chisel

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To develop future more complex digital circuits in less time, we need a better hardware description language than VHDL or Verilog. Chisel is a hardware construction language intended to speed up the development of digital hardware and hardware generators.

Chisel is a hardware construction language implemented as a domain-specific language in Scala. Therefore, the full power of a modern programming language is available to describe hardware and, more important, hardware generators. Chisel has been developed at UC Berkeley and successfully used for several tape-outs of RISC-V by UC Berkeley students and a chip for a tensor processing unit by Google. Here at the Technical University of Denmark, we use Chisel in the T-CREST project and teach digital electronics and advanced computer architecture.

In this presentation, I will give an overview of Chisel to describe circuits and present the advanced functionality of Chisel for the description of circuit generators.


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