Simulating electromagnetics with ElmerFEM

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  • Speaker: Juhani Kataja
  • email: juhani.kataja (at)



ElmerFEM is a multiphysics parallel finite element solver suite. It has been developed since 1995 at CSC - IT Center for Science. It features dynamically loaded solver modules for fluid mechanics and transport phenomena, solid mechanics, acoustics, and electromagnetics and others. It includes pre- and post-processing tools but it is also suitable as a backend solver for external pre-/post-processing tools with limited programming effort.

Recently, ElmerFEM was applied in simulating electromagnetic characteristics of quantum circuits at IQM Quantum Computers. In this talk we shall discuss experiences of calculating radio frequency scattering coefficients and capacitance matrices related to quantum circuits with ElmerFEM.

Additionally, we shall discuss how ElmerFEM is used from a high-level perspective in order to gain insight how it might be integrated in to existing software.