Revolutionize your chip design with GDSFactory and Open Source PDKs

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  • Speaker(s): Joaquin Matres


For efficient design, verification and validation of integrated circuits and components it is important to have an easy to customize and extend workflow. Python has become the standard programming language for machine learning, scientific computing and engineering.

Gdsfactory is a python library to build chips (Photonics, Analog, Quantum, MEMs, …) that provides you a common syntax for design (KLayout, Ansys Lumerical, tidy3d, MEEP, MPB, DEVSIM, SAX, …), verification (Klayout DRC, LVS, netlist extraction, connectivity checks, fabrication models) and validation (JAX neural network model extraction, pandas, SQL database).

In this tutorial we describe the gdsfactory design automation tool. Gdsfactory provides you an end to end workflow that combines layout, verification and validation using an extensible, open source, python driven flow for turning your chip designs into validated products.


General information


  • The software wishes to interface with the following tools: xschem, magic, ...
  • The project seeks help on: analog, RF and MEMs design examples