Open source Design Flow status and roadmap for IHP BiCMOS technology

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  • Speaker(s): Sergei Andreev, Rene Scholz
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IHP aims to enable analog circuit design with open source software. For this purpose, both the open source design tools and a Process Design Kit (PDK) of the semiconductor technology used must support the entire design flow with sufficient quality. IHP provides its 130nm BiCMOS technology SG13G2 for open source design. This technology is particularly suited for high frequency and mixed signal design applications. While basic tool support already exists for digital design, it is still very limited for analog designs and especially for high frequency designs. A considerable effort has to be put into the development of the design tools as well as into the creation of the technology specific PDK. This presentation gives an overview of the current status of the open source design flow, EDA tool chain and PDK development, highlighting gaps and briefly describing the planned project roadmap.


General information


  • The software wishes to interface with the following tools: OpenLane, KLayout, ngspice, OpenEMS, QUCS-S
  • The project seeks help on: PCells conversion from Synopsys PyCell API to KLayout PCells Python API