Exploring open hardware solutions for ensuring the security of RISC-V processors

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  • Speaker: Pablo Navarro Torrero
  • email: navarro@imse-cnm.csic.es



Our team aims to promote open hardware solutions for enhancing the security of RISC-V processors in the context of GoIT European project . By entering the open hardware realm, we aim to promote its adoption within the scientific, academic, and industrial communities. Our main goal is to strengthen the security of RISC-V processors by establishing Roots of Trust (RoT), where the integration and use of cryptographic components are a fundamental key to this endeavor. In addition, our contribution extends to the creation of an extensive repository comprising open hardware intellectual properties (IP), both existing and self-designed. This repository constitutes a valuable resource that facilitates access to and use of these IPs. To streamline the development and implementation of open hardware solutions, we support and promote the use of open software tools, which enable an efficient design flow. By harnessing the potential of open hardware and software, we are looking forward to a future in which RISC-V processors achieve new levels of security and resilience.

Software and Hardware

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