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  • Speaker(s): Helio Fernandez Tellez
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Access to quality design IP fosters innovation and reduces time-to-market in silicon chip design and manufacturing. EUROPRACTICE's new catalogue and design IP sharing program is designed to support academia and research institutions by simplifying access to design IP. This presentation will outline key initiatives, including establishing an IP exchange catalogue to enhance collaboration within our ecosystems. Our Open Hardware and Design IP sharing plans aim to support design developments at universities, focusing on making design IPs available as open-source or at least accessible to other EUROPRACTICE members. Additionally, we will discuss our plans for open-source Process Design Kits (PDKs) and training programs in areas such as design using open-source tools. In this regard, we will present our upcoming training, scheduled for later this year in collaboration with the Chipflow team, focusing on a full design flow and prototyping using open-source tools. This enhancement of EUROPRACTICE's offerings aims to build a collaborative ecosystem that supports innovative projects and facilitates the commercial exploitation of academic research.


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