E-Waste Reverse Engineering Toolkit (RET)

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Unbinare is an anarchist e-waste reverse engineering laboratory. Our objective is to reduce the increase of e-waste by finding ways to repurpose electronic waste.

When addressing the problem of electronic waste at our laboratory, we frame an electronic device not as an object, but as an environmental event. From the mining of ore to an electronic device ending up on a landfill, conceptually it is only a thing that exists as an object for a very short time; the device only retains its identity as an object when we purchase and use it. If we understand devices to be environmental events, they are an impediment to the well-being of ecosystems and wildlife as soon as industrial ore is mined.

On the other end we find that planned obsolescence, the inability to repair and abandoned software support contribute to these devices prematurely ending up in a waste stream. Older high-end consumer electronics devices have powerful components that, once open schematics, firmware and documentation has been created for them through reverse engineering, can be repurposed to create new and different devices. To aid this endeavor, we have created a free and open hardware toolkit for the analysis and reverse engineering of discarded devices.

This short talk will cover the tools and their application.


General information


  • The hardware wishes to interface with the following tools: Chipwhisperer, Hydrabus, Black Magic Debug.
  • The project seeks help on: Documentation, Tutorials and other technical writing.