Black-tie Python: Formal verification with Amaranth

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Black-tie Python: Formal Verification with Amaranth
  • Speaker(s): Pat Deegan
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Co-founder at Psychogenic Technologies, public videos on a variety of tech topics are available on youtube @psychogenictechnologies.



Bugs are bad. Bugs breed in design complexity, the dark corners of murky interactions and unintended consequences. We avoid them with clarity and hunt them down with verification tools.

Python and Amaranth aid intelligibility, sim and cover reveal specific courses through the state space. Bounded model checking illuminates the obscure recesses, highlighting sneaky paths,and induction can actually prove correctness. We'll go over examples of all this and introduce some useful tools and techniques along the way.


General information

  • The software has been used in the following projects: Neptune (TinyTapeout 3 project)