All you ever wanted to know about side-channel attacks and protections (and a forthcoming book)

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Speaker Info

  • Speaker: Wei Cheng, Sylvain Guilley, and Olivier Rioul
  • Email: wei.cheng AT, sylvain.guilley AT, olivier.rioul AT


Cryptographic chips play fundamental roles in establishing secure systems and secure interconnections among them. However, side-channel attacks utilizing the intrinsic physically observable leakages during the chip running shall reduce or even ruin the security built upon these chips. In this presentation, we give an overview of existing side-channel attack and protection techniques, including those which are involved in certification aspects. We stress that open hardware allows the community to check that protections are sound, which is paramount as they rely on the way they are implemented. This is a perfect illustration where open hardware benefits certification, hence technology adoption and dissemination.

A book to be published in Q1 2024 at Springer/Nature will give a mathematical foundation of security guarantees and derivation of optimal attacks on unprotected and protected devices.



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