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First page of the presentation of Michiel Leenaars

The presentation of Michiel Leenaars during FSiC 2024 will be HTML based and can be found on:


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NLnet Foundation is a recognised philanthropic non-profit foundation that supports organisations and people who contribute to an open internet for all. The foundation funds projects that help fix the internet through open hardware, open software, open standards, open science and open data. This includes open hardware tooling like EDeA, Gnucap, Icestudio, KiCad, LibrePCB, Ringdove, TerosHDL, and the topological router Topola, as well as FPGA and chip related projects like Apicula, Coloquinte, Coriolis, DMT, Edalize, FGPA Fault Injection Testing, LibrEDA, LiteX, LunaPnR, Naja, OpenWifi, OpenXC7, Py2HWSW, PDKmaster, SpinalHDL/Vexriscv/SpinalHDL, uFork, devices like betrusted, Fabulous, Hardware 2D graphics engine, JellyfishOPP, Machdyne, Mega65, MNT Reform, Nitrokey, Open Energy Profiler, and RA Sentinel, and quite a few more.

NGI Zero is an ambitious series of research programmes led by NLnet, as part of the Next Generation Internet initiative supported by the European Commissions DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology. Through open calls NGI Zero supports strategic technology R&D, more in particular the development of free/libre/open source software and hardware, and the establishment of open standards and open data - technologies that can be used, studied, modified and shared by anyone for any purpose.

In this talk, Michiel Leenaars, director of strategy at NLnet Foundation and coordinator of NGI Zero, will quickly walk through the opportunities for free and open source based efforts to be funded. Also see the related FSiC 2023 talk .


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