Project Arrakeen: a PDKMaster based framework for scalable and portable digital and analog circuits

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In this talk the umbrella project for the Chips4Makers projects will be announced and current state discussed. With the introduction of this umbrella project the next step has been taken to allow external contributions to this project. During the talk an overview will be given of state of all the subprojects and their interaction. Also overview will be given were external contributions would be welcomed. Development of this project can be followed on There is currently heavy development on the dev branch but an alpha release will be available before FSIC2024.

Also recently the klayout interface has been improved and now PDKMaster based KLayout package has been made locally for the three open source PDKs: sky130, IHP sg13g2 and GF180MCU. A KLayout package will be provided for each of these techs and it will contain a primitives library with Via and transistor PCell that will function in a very similar way between the three techs. These packages will be released publicly on the KLayout package repository before FSIC2024.

The c4m-flexio subproject (gitlab) has been used for the IO cells now available in the IHP Open Source PDK (github). The evolution from the Sky130 IO cells to the IHP SG13G2 ones will be shown in this presentation.