Powered by Open EDA: Applying Apple's Chip-to-Product Design Methods to Satellites

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  • Speaker: Thomas Parry
  • Email: t.parry@spherical-systems.com
  • Affiliation: SPHERICAL, Noordwijk, Netherlands


iPhones have revolutionized the way we use technology, thanks to their highly integrated and SWaP optimized systems. But what is the secret behind their success? At the core of it lies a system design approach that controls everything from the user experience down to individual transistors. By including silicon design in the system design, Apple has unlocked tremendous value.

At SPHERICAL, we are applying a similar approach to satellite system design. By integrating chip design into our system design, we are building next-generation satellites that deliver outstanding performance, reliability, and software control. This level of integration is only possible when we create the chips needed for the job.

We will present an overview of our concept and demonstrate how open EDA tools and methodologies are crucial to our success. We will discuss the tools we use and how we are giving back to the open EDA ecosystem. Join us to learn how this approach can transform the way we design and build complex systems for the future.