OpenEPDA: photonic PDKs with open standards

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  • Speaker(s): Dzmitry Pustakhod
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When creating photonic integrated circuits, designers use CAD tools and the Process Design Kits (PDK) for the selected technology. Currently, providing and supporting a PDK for multiple design tools requires a lot of effort and is error-prone due to absence of any standard workflow for this process. Most often a foundry has independent PDK support teams for each design tool. We are addressing the problem of PDK creation and validation by introducing a standardized PDK representation. In this representation, PDK constitutes is a single dataset, which is software-independent and is provided by the foundry. It can be imported and compiled into a software-dependent PDK (library, package, etc.) to be used for desired design tool.

openEPDA provides a set of standards for such PDK representation. Additionally, it implements several tools for PDK validation, both online and offline.

The proposed approach was tested and confirmed in the JePPIX Pilot Line project ( with three foundries and four EPDA tool vendors.


General information


  • The software wishes to interface with the following tools: any EPDA design tool, both for layout and simulations.
  • The project seeks help on: feedback on similar existing standards / initiatives in electronics.