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* [[:File:File_name.pdf|Slides]] (to upload a file: go to Edit mode, then click on the fourth icon from the left "Embed file" and follow the instructions)
* [[:File:2022_07_libreda_fsic2022.pdf|Slides]]
* [https:peertube.f-si.org/xxxx Video recording]
* [https:peertube.f-si.org/xxxx Video recording]

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  • Speaker(s): Thomas Kramer <fsic2022 at tkramer dot ch>


  • Slides
  • [https:peertube.f-si.org/xxxx Video recording]


LibrEDA is a software framework to create place-and-route tools for digital circuits. This talk outlines concepts of the framework and the existing building blocks such as placement engines, legalizers, routing engines.


General information


  • The software wishes to interface with the following tools: KLayout, TritonRoute
  • The project seeks help on: static timing-analysis