Integrating Mixed-Signal Microelectronics and Photonics: A Co-Design Approach with Piel

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Microelectronics and integrated photonic systems play an important role in telecommunications, neuromorphic computation, and linear optical quantum computation. A major challenge for such systems is the lack of extensible physical co-simulation design tools bridging the electronic and optical domains. "piel" is an open-source microservice for "Photonic Integrated Electronics" that integrates multiple design tools for common photonic-electronic system design flows. In this talk, we will explore photonic-analogue-digtial design flows and the role open-source mixed-signal microelectronics can play both in modelling and designing these systems with some examples.

`piel` aims to provide an integrated workflow to co-design photonics and electronics, classically and quantum. It does not aim to replace the individual functionality of each design tool, but rather provide a glue to easily connect them all together and extract the system performance.

Target functionality

  • Co-simulation and optimisation between integrated photonic and electronic chip design.
  • System interconnection modelling in multiple domains.
  • Chip and interposer design integration.
  • Co-design components to circuits flow.
  • Maintain a multi-tool dependency design environment.

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