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Other information: KLayout project (www.klayout.org)
Other information: KLayout project (www.klayout.org)
== Slides ==

== Overview ==
== Overview ==

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Speaker: Matthias Köfferlein

email: matthias@koefferlein.de

Other information: KLayout project (www.klayout.org)




This tutorial consists of two parts: a tutorial for the DRC feature of KLayout and another one for the new layout-to-netlist feature. While the DRC tutorial covers mature functionality available since a few years now, the layout-to-netlist feature is brand new and still under development. The tuturial for this part will show the use cases that are available already and prepares the basis for the next level of verification support.

Both tutorials are based on a virtual technology with a design manual document and sample layouts. You'll find the samples, scripts and design manual on GitHub at


To work through the DRC tutorial part you will need a standard KLayout installation (version 0.25.x - 0.25.8 is recommended). Binary distributions are available for a variety of systems here:


For the layout-to-netlist tutorial, you'll need a build for the development branch (master) from https://github.com/klayout/klayout. Prebuild binaries can be found here along with current documentation links: