Guidelines for invited speakers

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All FSiC2019 invited-speakers are encouraged to follow the following steps:

  1. create an account on the present wiki by clicking "Create account" on the top-right corner of this page, or by clicking here
  2. go on the main page, click on the title of the own talk (or add the entry if it does not exist yet), and create a new wiki page by copy-pasting the template available here.
  3. read the guidelines below


Please target a talk duration of maximum 20 minutes (questions not included). This is strictly necessary for giving everyone a chance to speak.

Encouraging cooperation

The Free and Open Source community gathers strengths by leveraging each other's work and by cooperating with each others. During the presentation, speakers are therefore encouraged to:

  • highlight particular topics where helps from other experts or developers would be beneficial
  • highlight which other software could be interfaced with the own work
  • highlight which steps are necessary to successfully merge different efforts

Documenting knowledge and tools

Besides allowing the committee to publish the slides and video recording of the presentations (speakers will be asked for written consent), all speakers are encouraged to document the technical content of their talks on the English Wikipedia ( first. Experience, however, tells that technical comments are often reverted on Wikipedia, possibly also because of the presence of interest groups. Shall those contributions be reverted, speakers are encouraged to use the wiki instance instead (which runs the same Mediawiki software as Wikipedia therefore enabling simple copy-paste). Everybody can create an account by clicking here or on the main page.