From filters to CMOS transistors - A library of analog schematics with automated sizing

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  • Speaker(s): Marie-Minerve Louërat
  • email:
  • Main author: Jacky Porte,



Unlike the digital domain where the use of standard cell libraries considerably reduces the design time, in the analog domain, it is practically impossible to store in the same library all the functions that can cover the entire possible range of data, with all application associated electrical specifications. On the other hand, given the fact that such a library would be very quickly obsolete due to the fast evolution of technologies, it is obvious that without the help of appropriate CAD tools to design parameterized modules, the analog may become a serious bottleneck in terms of design time and cost of a System on Chip.


General information

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  • The software wishes to strengthen its interface with ngspice.
  • The project seeks help on: English translation of the documentation.