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Free Silicon Conference 2020
Fsic2021 logo.svg
GenreFree software and free hardware development conference
Location(s)Zurich, ETH

**UPDATE**: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Free Silicon Conference (FSiC) is postponed to next year. Details on time and location will follow.

The third Free Silicon Conference (FSiC) will build on top of the 2019 edition. The conference will bring together experts and enthusiasts who want to build a complete Free and Open Source CAD ecosystem for designing analog and digital integrated circuits. The conference will cover the full spectrum of the design process, from system architecture, to layout and verification. The conference consists of three full days, including a Saturday for facilitating those who are involved as non-professionals. After the daily talks, the discussion will continue until late in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Abstract submission

Everybody is welcome to propose a talk by writing to fsic2021 'at' f-si.org.


Participation to the conference is free of charge. However, given the limited number of places available, places must be reserved in advance by writing to fsic2021 'at' f-si.org.

Tentative program

High-level design

Hardware security

On-going FOS silicon projects


Foundries and PDKs

Back-end flow: databases

Back-end flow: placement, routing, timing closure

Schematic editors

Usability workshop

Parasitic extraction

Tutorial on physical verification

Industry session


We are looking for sponsors to cover the conference costs. In case of interest, please write at fsic2021 'at' f-si.org. Bank coordinates are available here.


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